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Price Comparison Software

Price Comparison Software that builds price comparison websites

Our solution works with a data feed, XML feeds, CVS or hand input date into forms for comparing prices.

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Price Comparison Software

Affiliate Price Comparison

Affiliate Price Comparison is a solution which works with WordPress, woocommerce and affiliate price comparison plugin

Lead Generation Software

Lead Generation using WordPress and form solution to generate online leads. We can build forms for any business or industry, ideal for financial services or mortgages.

Product Price Comparison

Product Price Comparison allows your compare product with another product.

Price Comparison Software allows you to find software products in price comparison.

This year, 82.8% of Internet users are expected to make a purchase online, expected to rise to 86.8% by 2018, so it makes sense that these people will want to get the best deal on the web.

You have an idea for a price comparison site, you’ve found a niche, and you’re ready to unleash it into cyberspace- but how?

Luckily for you, Price Comparison Software that enables you to get your idea up and running. As well as being able to build your price comparison site, we will also tailor its design and function to your specific brand requirements. Our remotely hosted solution means that the hassle is taken out of managing your site’s security and keeping it functioning.

Get you started

Our Price Comparison Software is ready to go with several affiliate networks. All you need is an account with Affiliate Window and you can start offering price comparison services on products

Utility Price Comparison

Utility Price Comparison

Utilities includes electricity, water, and gas

Fashion Price Comparison

Fashion Comparison

Fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories

Cars Price Comparison

Cars Price Comparison

New and used cars, car parts and number plates

Cars Price Comparison

Money Price Comparison

Money, mortgages and finances price comparison

Utility Price Comparison

Lead Generation

Leads for money, finance and business.

Utility Price Comparison

Affiliate Price Comparison

Affiliate marketing which includes Affiliate Windows, CJ, LinkShare and others

Price Comparison Data Input

XML feeds

The characters making up an XML document are divided into markup and content, which may be distinguished by the application of simple syntactic rules. Generally, strings that constitute markup either begin with the character


CSV is a common data exchange format that is widely supported by consumer, business, and price comparison applications. Among its most common uses is moving tabular data.

Web Feed

A content provider publishes a feed link on its site which you can register with an aggregator program running on your price comparison website, doing this is usually as simple as dragging the link from the web browser.

Data Input

Data Input is where you manual add your prices and products into your price comparison website, this often the normal way of managing your website.