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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about building and using price comparison software


Insurance Price Comparison

Who can do Mortgage and Insurance Price Comparison

You must be registered IFA company or individual, please go to The Financial Conduct Authority. Once you are registered please come and talk to us about your project. If you not registered you cannot trade online.

Insurance and Mortgage Feeds

You will need to find your own insurance and mortgage feeds, these are the feeds which we use to compare prices with. We cannot do this for you, this is your business and your relationships.

Affiliate Price Comparison

Starting an Affiliate Price Comparison Website

Affiliate price comparison is one of the easiest solutions to build, but you will need to join one affiliate companies. The hardest part is you need to have a live website to get the affiliates.

Building an Affiliate Price Comparison

To build affiliate price comparison website you need to do this in two parts. First, you need to content rich website which the affiliate companies can see, this can take several months to be approved. Once you are approved by the affiliates you will have the feeds we can then build you affiliate comparison websites.

Your own feeds to compare
If you have your own feeds in CSV, XML or RSS please contact us, you are ready to move forward with a Price Comparison websites.